Acne scars (or pimple marks & scars) are like gifts of one's teenage days, and few are lucky not have them. In fact with changing lifestyle, adult onset acne has become far more common and people conscious of their looks often seek treatment for acne and marks/scars later in adulthood too. Probably realization of one's scars comes a little late when people are hunting for jobs, going for interviews or looking for a potential life partner. I wish to throw some light on basic pointers for  pimple scars. 

  1. Treat your pimples first. It may not be the best idea to commence treatment for scars when you already have a number of active and new erupting acne. 
  2. Again- Treat your pimples first. Early treatment of acne, fewer acne, thus fewer scars to treat. 
  3. Longer the pimple stays, bigger the pimple is and more painful pimples are more likely to cause more damage and larger scars
  4. Pinching and meddling with pimples may cause temporary relief but potentially more pigmentation and scarring. 
  5. Marks due to pimples can be treated with creams, peels, and lasers for pigmentation and they usually respond well over time. Few weeks to few months may be necessary. 
  6. You cannot repair potholes on the road by painting them. Similarly, for pits and depressions caused due to residual damage of skin after acne resolve,  you'll need more than just creams. Unfortunately, I haven't come across simple home remedies for acne scars.  
  7. Acne scars - pits/open pore-like marks or icepick scars/depressions will need treatment with Fractional lasers/ Microneedling Radiofrequency/ Subscription/ Dermaroller or Microneedling with or without PRP. They may be performed as multiple sessions of the same treatment or a combination of the treatments depending on the type of scars and the improvement you get with the treatments over multiple sessions. Chemical Peels do help in acne scars to some extent. 
  8. Keloids and hypertrophic or thick raised scars may additionally need treatment with small injections given in the scars and they respond remarkably to the same. 

Most importantly - To summarise, acne scars can be treated and their appearance can be improved with a range of advanced treatments available. Discuss with your dermatologist as to what may be the best form of treatment for you.