The psychology behind a smile makeover is simply the drastic change in an individual’s confidence in their professional, social, and personal life. If you believe altering some part of your smile will increase overall satisfaction with yourself then maybe it’s worth the consideration.

The Recipe for an Eye-catching Smile

There are a few basic things that differentiate a good smile from one that could possibly need a makeover. Let’s look at some aspects that increase a smile’s aesthetic value.

  1. Tooth length

When teeth are long and uniform they tend to give a more youthful appearance. When teeth are shorter, it is indicative of aging as the teeth have been worn down over the years of grinding and chewing. Ultimately teeth should be not too long and not too short and suit the facial structure of the client.

  1. Smile Line

Smile line is an imaginary line that dentists use as a guideline to determine the most aesthetic tooth length and how much of the teeth and gums should be visible.

  1. Tooth Characterization and Texture

Teeth differ in terms of masculinity and femininity. This is an important consideration when going in for a smile makeover. The masculinity or femininity of your smile may be enhanced to make your smile the best that it can be. For this purpose, dentists need to consider the texture and functionality of each tooth in a person’s mouth.

  1. Tooth Proportions

An attractive smile usually has two dominant front central teeth. For these two teeth the most favorable length:width ratio is 5:4. This balances the smile line and ensures the rest of the teeth are proportionate. Of course there is a right proportion that is prescribed by the books but a good dentist ensures that a smile makeover matches the clients face structure as well.

  1. Tooth Colour

Tooth colour is one of the most noticeable aspects of a smile. If teeth are dull and yellowed or discoloured it makes a person look older, as this is a sign of aging. An older person with whiter teeth tends to look more approachable, friendly, and youthful. Dentists encourage teeth whitening for a more youthful smile.  (Crowns, bridges, dental implants, composite bonding and porcelain veneers are done with care and precision to ensure white looking teeth.)

  1. Tooth Spacing and Alignment

When teeth are crooked, have gaps or have grown over each other, they generally tend to be misaligned or unevenly spaced. This affects the overall appearance of a smile, all of which can be rectified by a smile makeover.

These are some of the prominent features that contribute to an eye catching smile. Be sure to check out which of these characteristics constitute your current smile.