Weight Loss And Fat Loss

Weight Loss is one of the key concerns for many persons. How to lose weight is a challenge. Some may take medicines for losing weight or some may consume steroid for weight loss or some may stop eating, or have different diets to reduce weight. There can be side effects through some of these methods.

There is a natural way to reduce weight and stay healthy with no side effects. The natural method does not involve any medicines nor starvation. 

Before adopting the natural method of weight loss, one has to understand ideal weight. “What should be my weight “ is a big question mark in our minds. Some may think that the ideal weight of a person is dependant on height. Is that your ideal weight? Well it may not be your ideal weight as height to weight proportions is more guidelines. Thus your ideal body weight is dependant on the fat content in your body which should be less that 15 % for males and less than 20% for females. Individuals who don’t regularly exercise and have wrong diet patterns may have fat content of more than 35% which may lead to excess weight and this weight cannot be reduced through medicines or starvation. 

Thus ideal body weight (where fat content is less than 15% for males and less than 20% for females) is possible to attain only through regular exercise and balanced diet which varies from individual to individual. 

Why does weight (obesity) increase in our body?

All the physical movements are possible through muscle contractions. Thus movements such as running, standing up, walking, weight lifting, or any other physical movement in our lives are possible through these muscle contractions and the muscle contractions require energy (calories). During these activities, calories are burned, and the rate at which calories burn is called as Basel Metabolic rate (BMR). If the BMR is high, then more calories are burnt which means there is less storage of fat (calories) in the body. (The body stores excess calories as fat. ) That means more the muscle in your body, there will be high BMR and less storage of fat. Energy is used during muscle contraction and these muscles are made from proteins. 


To maintain your muscles, one has to undergo resistance training and have regular supply of proteins through diet. The source of proteins should be from natural foods and not through supplements. 

Weight loss through hunger and starvation is dangerous to the body. Some only consume fruit or other juices only as part of diet which is also not good. In these cases, there is fat gain and muscle loss, which leads to drop in BMR and further fat gain. 

For example, a male person weighing 100 kgs (with 30 % fat content ) who wants to reduce weight should aim at reducing fat content to less than 15%. But in reality such persons who are heavy weight tend to starve and reduce weight as a result of which he may lose 20 kgs. The loss of 20 kgs is loss in muscle weight and not fat content. This is dangerous and triggers health problems. Nobody can starves for lifetime .Thus when this person starts to eat regularly, there will be increase in weight and in particular increase in fat content. Repeating the same cycle of weight loss through starvation is extremely dangerous for health. This may lead to increase in triglycerides and cholesterol in blood, making the person insulin resistance which is a perfect state of diabetics. This leads to further complications such as heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, liver damage, sexual disorder such as erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, and infertility etc . 

To stay fit, or to lose/gain weight, and stay away from above mentioned life style related diseases, It is highly recommended to exercise and follow balanced diet only under expert supervision. 

The diet pattern differs for every individual person. Only an expert can recommend the right type of balanced diet. This is possible by understanding individuals need and calorie requirement, food eating habits, taste and preference of food. The food diet for each person depends on body type, exercise level, fat % and existing diseases. The expert after investigation of need and requirement of nutrition and calories in terms of protein, carbohydrate and fat requirement per day, will recommend a suitable diet plan. 

Exercise depends and varies for each individual. Factors such as past history, body type, existing diseases, resting heart rate are vital to understand before recommending an exercise plan. Only an expert can recommend the right type, duration and frequency of exercise based on the investigation as heart rate is an important element to be considered before undergoing certain types of exercises.