As discussed earlier in our columns, Encephalitis syndrome or the Chamki fever is a deadly condition which affects the brain of children.

To be safe in this hour of emergency is very necessary. And other than following measures to prevent it, you also need to know about the symptoms so that you can immediately take your dear ones for treatment if the need arises. Early detection, of course, helps in better dealing with any disease.

So, here are some symptoms you should check your child for:

  • Headache
  • FeverIndividuals can experience seizures as well
  • Children become suspiciously sensitive to light
  • Nausea
  • Child act confused as the brain starts misbehaving
  • Neck and back pain

Affected children must be given medical help at the earliest. If the case has already worsened, the child might need intensive care in the ICU.

So you fear that your child might catch the fever? It’s best to follow some preventive measures then. Also, you must take your child for a routine check-up even if he/she has the slightest of fever or have any of the other symptoms.

Bansal Global Hospital and its entire team stand together with the nation in this hour of a health emergency. We hope and strive to do our best in case the need arises. 

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