breast implants are nothing but the addition of a foreign material in the breast area to enhance the size, shape and contour of the breast. The procedure is implemented as part of the reconstructive plastic surgery. Breast implants are required to address the distortion of breasts. It is possible to deal with congenital disorders.The breast implants are used to regain the natural shape after undergoing the mastectomy. The silicone implant comes with elastomer silicone shell and it is filled with viscous silicone gel.

Breast Defects

Breast defects in men and women can be corrected by applying the breast implants. The reconstruction of the breast will be done in the best possible way by using a tissue expander device. The future permanent breast implant can be managed with the tissue expander device.

The correction of male breast defects will be done with the help of pectoral implant. The reconstruction, as well as aesthetics, will be addressed through the breast reconstruction method. 

Through the augmentation mammoplasty, the size and shape of the breast will be very much enhanced. The texture of breast can be changed through the plastic surgery. The procedure will be performed on healthy breasts so that there will not be any side effects and the recovery will take place in few weeks.

Safety of breast implants 

Breast implants can be used very safely and they can be used while breastfeeding as well. However, women of child-bearing capacity should discuss her needs with the physician before undergoing the surgery. The plastic surgeon will offer the option that gives the least trouble to breast functionality. The post-operative lactation and breastfeeding conditions should be known by visiting the lactation consultant. The milk ducts should not be cut during the surgical procedure.

The breast implants will increase the size of breasts and it is possible to produce the best shape as per the figure. The loss associated with weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding can be corrected through the breast implants.