How to lose weight both in inches and kilograms:

People resort to all sorts of treatment and weight loss options without logical thinking most of the time. They are carried away by the fancy, expensive, and luring advertisements which mostly end up in unsatisfied results and incomplete solutions to their weight issues. Needless to say, complete weight loss is far, far away dream till the patient, whether just plump, overweight or obese doesn't go to a good doctor who can diagnose the root cause of the weight gain. There could be many reasons for the increase in unexplained sudden or gradual weight gain like:

  • Lifestyle -sedentary
  • Irregular eating
  • Unhealthy eating
  • Hormonal like Thyroid disorders
  • Mental illness like Depression, Bulimia
  • Hereditary

and many more.

Overweight and obesity can lead to many other complications or already exist in such patients like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular, Renal diseases, Gastric issues, Peripheral vascular diseases, Psychiatric ailments, etc.

Exercises, Stretches, Planks, Pilates, Yogasanas with walk help reduce weight

One can overcome these fatty problems by regular walking, workouts, exercises, healthy and sensible eating, and drinking habits, maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Having like-minded and positively influencing people and proper treatment with the right doctor and right diagnosis are so important to make a comeback to you being fit and fab.

Eat to live not live to eat. Know the difference!