It is aimed at creating a positive change to your smile. Nothing can be compared with a nice smile whether it an expensive dress or an expensive Jewellery. Nice smile on a face will enhance the entire personality of the individual. Thereby increasing the self-confidence of the individual which is mandatory for success whether it is the workplace or for the social status of a person.

Smile designing altogether is a different ball game, one not only has to be a doctor but also think like an artist. Improvement can be in terms of colour; position; shape; size, alignment or in simple words straightening of the teeth, correction of gaps between the teeth, Teeth whitening and Gum esthetics are also the part of smile Designing.        

We had only one option in the earlier times that was the orthodontic treatment or Braces. It used to take 1.5-2 years. But with the advanced technology we can achieve the same in matter of hours or within few days. It may includes Composite Veneer, Ceramic Veneer, Lasers, Bleaching, Crowns, even orthodontics now have 4 different techniques which are fast and/or invisible during the treatment.           

But there is always a risk involved as it is mostly concerned with the permanent teeth which are visible. A small mistake can prove very costly as it is done to provide the permanent results. The dentist has to be an expert with a lot of experience to carry out such a procedure. Majority of smile designing treatment now comes under the branch of dentistry called as Conservative and Endodontics. While other branches like Orthodontics/ Periodontics /or Prosthodontics play there part as well. It is recommended to go to a multi-speciality clinic which has at least an Endodontist and an Orthodontist.                

We have all the branches of specialist at our clinic along with the most advanced technology required for smile designing. Here you can see the changes that can be done with your smile even before the actual treatment has started.  You can see them on the computer or mobile phones, the new smile can also be seen on your own teeth model which you can even hold it in your hands. But best is to wear the temporary model so that you get the actual feel of the changed smile. You take a snap and send it to your family members or to your friends. You can choose to go ahead only if you like it.