The weather in northern India is again transiting with the current weather serving as a bridge between winters and summers. And even though it feels pleasant otherwise, the ones with seasonal or pollen allergies have the most difficult of times now.

So, how can you reduce the effect of allergies or get rid of it? Let’s have a look at some expert advice from our team of doctors at Bansal Global Hospital:

Take bath after a long day

When you are out doing errands, you might not know how the pollens are sticking to your clothes to pester you later in the day. In order to get rid of them, change your clothes immediately after you are home and take a warm water bath to wash away any pollen that might be sticking around. Do wash clean and well-disinfected clothes every day.

Wear masks while going out

Pollen, as well as dust allergies, are most infectious these days. So wear a mask while going out to make sure the dust doesn’t enter your mouth or nose. Do not repeatedly use a mask. If it is washable, wash it the same day with warm water and a bit of antiseptic liquid to be sure.

Stay indoors on windy days

If you can avoid going out on windy days, you should. It’s better than worsening your situation after all. You can check the temperature and weather on your mobile phones or newspaper to get a forecast of the day.


No matter how much precaution is taken, the irritation doesn’t show any improvement. That’s when you need medical care instead of just self-corrective measures. Visit a clean and equipped hospital nearby to get the best treatment.