Of course we all want healthy, glowing ,young and spotless skin but how many of us are really in love with it?

Very few! The skin is the largest organ open to infection, sun, pollution, dust, wind and so on. Not only that, it also shows whatever changes happens internally like hormones, infection, nutritional problems and so on.

Now you must be wondering how can you love your skin? Simply-

  • Start by loving yourself- Exercise everyday. Fresh oxygen and improved circulation would definitely bring glow to your skin apart from controlling weight, building muscles and building concentration.
  • Use sunscreen every day- Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with spf>30 every 3 hours till sundown. Use more frequently when in water or direct sunlight.
  • Use the right product- Buy your skin care range after knowing your skin type, concerns (pimples, wrinkles, pigmentation) and even the weather you stay. e.g. maybe you have an oily skin and have not been using moisturizer thinking you don't need it. But if you stay long in AC or if the weather is dry and cold, you are bound to lose moisture and so definitely need one.
  • Don't over exfoliate - nnecessary scrubbing your face everyday would not help those dead cell and blackheads.it would rather make your skin more dry,sensitive and crinkly.use a scrub once in 7-10 days only.
  • Don't sleep with your make up on- You just got got back from a party or conference and you are dead tired but wait!do remove that make up before jumping in bed.it wont take more than 3 minutes but your skin would breath free.
  • Use silk pillow covers- You may get less pores and wrinkling.using cotton covers would bring collagen changes.
use right products,use proper amount of products,apply gently
  • Get a good sleep- Good sleep can do miracles to your body including skin.people with under eye circles would agree with me.
  • Don't pick on your pimples -zits are so annoying and of course you want to get rid of them the  moment you have one, but wait! You are actually inviting a scar by breaking one now. Nobody loves scars, do yo
  • So don't wait. Start today- love yourself, love your skin.