The most common reason to visit a dental clinic is pain.......

Various Causes of dental pain........

1. Decay in teeth

2. Pus formation

3. Damage to the tooth

4. Food accumulation in gum pockets

5. Wisdom tooth eruption

Treatment modalities available:

Rotary root canal procedures are performed. Extraction may be required in case of wisdom tooth eruption.


The other common reason to visit a dentist  is to improve the appearance. 

Causes are-

1. Broken teeth

2. Discoloration of teeth

3. Fluorosis-white and yellowish spots over teeth

4. Spacing between teeth

5. Improper alignment of teeth

Treatment options available:

Laser filling can be done. Veneers, bleaching are the other options. Scaling followed by polishing to remove the stains. Orthodontic braces or invisible aligners to correct the alignment.

Metal Braces and clear aligners


Bleeding from gums is common nowadays. Gum diseases can further lead to tooth loss.

Causes are-

1. Plaque and tartar accumulation

2. Improper brushing

3. Poor oral hygeine

4. Ageing or pregnancy

Treatment options are:

Ultarsonic scaling followed with deep curettage. Flap surgery may also be required.


A tooth can be sensitive to hot or cold or both or sweets as well. 

Causes are-

1. Hard brushing

2. Clenching or Grinding of teeth

3. Gum recession

Treatment options are:

Laser desensitisation, Laser fillings can be done. Proper brushing techniques can be followed.


Missing tooth should be replaced as soon as possible.

Causes are-

1. Severe gum problems

2. Trauma or accident

Treatment options available:

Crowns or bridges, implants, dentures.


Milk teeth do require treatment.

Causes are-

1. Decay

2. Oral habits 

Treatment options:

Tooth colored fillings, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride application, Habit breaking appliances. Checkup once in 6 months.