Osteoporosis is the thinning of bones due to aging, poor diet and exercise. Osteoporosis is usually generalized in the whole body but is most manifested in weight-bearing joints such as vertebrae. Vertebrae are small bones stacked over each other which allows movement as well as bears a weight of our body. But if these bones get fractured, the following symptoms can be found.


postureVertebral bones usually fracture slowly, the vertebral body starts losing its normal shape and becomes wedge-shaped causing a stooped posture known as kyphosis.

Radiating pain

 a vertebral fracture can cause herniation of disc and cause radiating pain due to compression of nerves. If the person complains of sudden radiating pain it should be looked more closely especially in old age people.


Inability to move or stand due to pain may be due to vertebral fractures. There are numerous reasons for disabling back pain so there is a need to differentiate it with such diseases. Consult your Orthopaedic Doctor if such disabling pain persists.

The neural symptoms - Vertebrae fracture can cause spinal cord compression causing numerous neural deficits like tingling of feet, impaired sensations and even paralysis in severe cases. Elderly people should keep in mind all these symptoms and visit a doctor if any of these symptoms show up.