It is normal for all women to have some white discharge through vagina. it produced from cervix. it starts 1 to 2 years before puberty and ends at menopause.


  • AMOUNT: it varies person to person . it depends on which day of menstrual cycle it is and on the hormones changes. it increases in women with pregnancy and on contracrptive pills.
  • COLOUR: healthy discharge is white clear creamy or slight yellow in colour.
  • SMELL:healthy discharge doesnot have an odour. 
  •  and non smelly.
  • WETNESS: little amount of wetness is normal 


  • if amount or wetness increases .
  • if change in colour to brown ,red, green or  yellow.
  • any kind of smell. 
  • itching inside or outside vagina.
  • with pain abdomen .
  • with bleeding.
  • with blisters in local area.


  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • use cotton panties.
  • do not use vaginal washes or douches .
  • avoiod too tight clothing whole day.
  • clean the area after peeing from front to behind.
  • practice safe sex using condoms.