Use Swara yoga and protect your heart.Swara yoga is vast but a small portion of it can be applied in your day to day life.swara is related to flow of nadis or meredians. our left nostril flow is associated with ida nadi and right nostril flow is associated with pingala nadi.Things that go well with right nostril flow:taking food, taking bath, passing motionThings that go well with left nostril flow:drinking water, juices, and urination.procedure to alter the nostril flow:To open up the right nostril please sleep on your left side or press the left armpit or ribcage using right hand and left elbow respectively for two minutes and vice versa.‌To protect the heart please make sure most of the time you sleep on your right side in the night, to ensure left nostril flow.If the right nostril is flowing, heart is not getting proper rest even if you are sleeping.take a glass of hot water 30  minutes after dinner to ensure coronary arteries are not clogged in the night while sleeping. Do not get up suddenly from bed after waking up. sit for few minutes and then slowly start moving to avoid sudden cardiac arrest.