Kind of skin rash, also called hives, are red in color, raised from surface, lots of itching, anywhere on the body, burning and stinging sensation.


  • Acute/Allergic Urticaria: last for less than 6 weeks
  • Non allergic/ Chronic Urticaria: last for more than 6 weeks.
  • Food: Shell fish, Nuts, Eggs, wheat, Soy
  • Children: Worms
  • Water Induced: Exposure to water
  • Solar induced: exposure to Sun and heat on exposed parts
  • Winters: Exposure to extreme cold in extreme climate
  • Pressure induced: Any part which is exposed to hard pressure for definite time leads to reaction
  • Contact induced: Cosmetics, Lotions, Mascara,Kajal, Chemicals
  • Stress Induced: Anger , emotion suppressed, Ego suppressed
  • Medicine induced: Aspirin, Disprin, Anti-diabetic, Anti convulsion, Steroids, etc

Homeopathic Remedies:


  • Urticaria after cosmetics, sun exposure, heat exposure
  • Urticaria: After jealousy, anger, rage, suppressed sexual desire, fright, grief.
  • Face: oedema, baggy sensation, redness, ear lobe red, part hot to touch
  • Intolerable itching of the affected part, stinging pains
  • Agg: intolerant to heat, afternoon, touch, light, noise
  • Amel: cold bathing, cold application
  • Hot patient, thirst less but desires cold drinks, cold stuff


  • Skin, violent burning of parts,
  • Frenzied with pain and burning, restless
  • Repeated urinary tract Infection, lots of burning before and while passing urine, last drop of urine sores the part
  • Person is very anxious, crying with pain, increased sexual desire
  • Better by cold application and rubbing the part.

Vespa Crabro:

  • Skin affected is hard, indurated to touch, especially of upper limbs
  • Painful swelling of the lids
  • Before menses the female is quite depressed
  • Left ovary is markedly inflamed
  • Better by vinegar and lying on back.