If you are having second thoughts about your tattoo, and want it to be removed or modified, modern medicine can do it safely for you.

Medical lasers are a very good solution for tattoo removal.

How does the Laser work?

Laser emits a very intense light which crosses the top layers of skin. It is selectively absorbed by tattoo ink particles. They get heated up and break down into smaller fragments. The body cells gradually clear off the broken tattoo particles.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe?

In expert hands, Laser tattoo removal is a very safe procedure. This is because lasers are very target oriented and they do not affect the tissue surrounding the tattoo.

How many sessions will I require for removing my tattoo?

The number of treatments required for maximum improvement depends on the size, location, duration, depth and colour of your tattoo, and also your skin colour and your skin’s ability to heal.

Typically, 3-10 tattoo laser removal treatments are required to remove a tattoo.

Older tattoos are can be cleared off relatively faster.

What is the time interval between the treatments?

Treatments are spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart to allow your body to remove the maximum of the destroyed tattoo pigment.

Will I get faster result if I finish the treatments faster?

No. You have to give your body enough time to clear the destroyed tattoo pigment particles. Treatments with a shorter interval will not clear the tattoo faster.

Can I remove only a part of my tattoo?

Yes. Lasers are very precise, hence, we can remove small specific areas of a tattoo if you want so.

Do I need to take any special care before the Laser tattoo removal treatment ?

No. You don’t require any extra care before the treatment.

Is Laser tattoo removal painful?

There is minimal discomfort, with the sensation like a rubber band snapping on the skin. We use a numbing cream or numbing injections to make you comfortable as far as possible.

How does it feel after the Laser tattoo removal treatment?

You may feel mild itching or little heat for 24-48 hours after the treatment.

What care should I take after the Laser tattoo removal treatment?

You need to apply cold compresses, soothing creams for comfort, and protect the area from sun.

Do I need to take an off from work and stay at home after the treatment?

Usually, no. You can resume your daily routine and work promptly after the treatment.

Are there any side effects after Laser tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal by laser is a very safe, precise procedure. You might experience some temporary redness, swelling and minor blistering around the treated area. Your skin should settle and heal completely within one to two weeks.

Can I get my tattoo removed by Laser anywhere?

Laser is a very precise technology. But, utilizing technology, appropriately, is a matter of expertise. Only an expert will be able to give you a tailor-made treatment plan, decide the correct parameters viz. the wavelength, the optimal energy etc. required to safely and effectively remove your tattoo.

How much does Laser tattoo removal cost? Is it covered by Medical Insurance ?

The cost of laser tattoo removal varies from patient to patient and depends on the size, colour, location and intricacy of the tattoo. It is difficult to give a good estimate of the laser tattoo removal price because everyone’s tattoo is different.

Laser tattoo removal is considered as a cosmetic procedure. As of date it is not covered by medical insurance.