Certain myths keep coming up that I would like to debunk.

Many good, new technologies and materials exist that, when used properly, work quite well, offer superior benefits, and are a great service to our patients.

Myth No. 1: Teeth whitening is harmful as it can damage the teeth.

Teeth whitening done professionally will cause no damage to the teeth enamel but it may cause teeth sensitivity and gum redness on a short-term.

Myth No. 2: Dental treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.

A dental check-up is recommended during pregnancy for a regular dental check-up, cleaning, and fillings. Local anesthetics and X-rays are okay although they are to be done only when necessary. The dentist should be informed of the pregnancy before any procedure since some dental treatments are to be avoided entirely during pregnancy – amalgam removal and taking of antibiotics.

Myth No. 3: Women lose a tooth for each child they have given birth to.

More of an ‘old wives tale’ than a myth, this is untrue. Hormonal changes while pregnant can exaggerate bacteria in the mouth that can cause bleeding gums or gingivitis. Tooth loss is unlikely with a thorough and regular cleaning regimen.

Myth No. 4: Dental X-rays are unnecessary.

It is necessary to have dental X-rays to detect decay and other problems and it should not be feared because the radiation dose is very small especially when dentists use digital radiography.

Myth No. 5: Weight loss can affect the fit of your dentures.

The shape of the bone under the tissue determines the fit of the denture and weight loss has nothing to do with the denture.

  • It is time to open your mind and embrace new and proven techniques and technology .Trust your dentist and be open for dental treatment for your better general health.