Turmeric (or better known as Haldi in India) is a commonly used in Indian cooking for centuries. Along with a strong dose of flavour, turmeric is known for its long list of health properties.

Its been used a natural health enhancer in Ayurvedic medicine- as an anti-inflammatory, to promote detoxification and helping ease minor digestive issues. Curcumin, the yellow pigment in Turmeric is the wonder substance which promotes healthy levels of histamine and cortisone.

It has strong antioxidant properties and stimulation of the body's immune system. Studies have linked consumption of Turmeric to cancer prevention and treatment also. It is well documented that cancer rates are lower in India as compared to those in western countries. Absorption of curcumin by the body is supposed to be greatly enhanced when it is used in cooking.

There is also circumstantial evidence that turmeric consumption improves mental functions.

Recent research shows that the absorption of the wonder substance, Curcumin, is greatly increased when it is turmeric is cooked with a vegetable like cauliflower (gobi). So, before you pass up that yellow gobi ki subzi (Indian preparation of potato cauliflower), think about the immense health benefits that it offers.