Yes you read it right! Haldi which is an integral part of Indian cooking now winning the world with its excellent benefits in many conditions; one of them is diabetes. In Ayurveda, diabetes is termed as Madhumeha. With all kind of medications and specialised clinics, diabetes is still not preventive and curable, instead number of diabetic persons are increasing day by day.      

Ayurveda which is the oldest science of life, explains in detail about prameh. By following ayurvedic lifestyle, diet and medications, it can be prevented or its progression can be halted. Turmeric is one such herb which is capable of- 

  • Preventing diabetes
  • Prevent progression of pre-diabetic or borderline diabetes to diabetic condition.
  • Maintaining blood sugar level in diabetic person.
  • Reduces glucose production, stimulate insulin production, improve liver function, increase pancreas function, reduce cholesterol level and reduce oxidative stress. 
  • Prevent diabetic neuropathy. Many modern research also proves its efficiency in pre diabetes and diabetes specially in type 2.

 How to use it to maintain blood sugar sugar level?

  • Use it regularly in your diet.
  • Use it with milk or ghee.
  • Turmeric with amla juice or amla  powder is very effective. 
  • Turmeric capsules can also be taken. 
  • Ayurvedic formulations for diabetes contains haldi.