Hydrated, clear and a gorgeous skin can be achieved by having great, healthy and rich food. This can be bought out by making simple changes to your diet by increasing the veggies , cutting down on coffee, carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods. It can also be achieved by adding some great protective spices like turmeric, which is beneficial in many ways.

Golden Glow for Skin:

Every Indian knows that turmeric is one of the best spice which is used by many Asian in daily cooking. Turmeric brings out a rich and vibrant orangish yellow colour to your delicacies. But research for the past many years shows the hidden true positive nature of turmeric. ‘Golden goddess’ as it is known in India is being used in the subcontinent for over 5000 years as a medicinal herb for the protection of the body.

Speaking about the developments in research of modern science it has been found out that it helps us fight ageing prematurely, wrinkles and also clearing the skin. It has also been found out to be a great support to cell regeneration and skin healing. It is India’s best natural healthy beauty all rounder!

Anti Inflammatory:

Now this is some thing our ancestors used for the treatment of many wounds. Turmeric is one of the best natural occurring anti inflammatory substances. In traditional medicine or Ayurveda it has been considered as one of the best blood purifier. Modern researches have also found out that it helps removing toxins, reduce the swelling of wounds and help them heal faster. From psoriasis to acne, from eczema to cuts and wounds it can always be your neighbourhood superhero.

Improving the blood flow to the skin:

A good cardio vascular activity makes you live longer and happier. Circulation to the skin if proper and healthy, will remove all the waste materials in the skin and help them get flushed out. Yes, turmeric supports healthy blood flow to the skin, bring about increased circulation. Curcuminoids in turmeric have shown to have anti platelet activities which shows why it makes blood circulation and blood flow better. Clinical trials of turmeric found to increase the micro circulation in the skin.

Think about it what a super food is “TURMERIC.”