Turberry is not found on google, its coined by us Team Suphala care.

This actually is our super food, immune boosting, detox our hero Turberry pickle (Fresh Turmeric /Haldi and Indian Gooseberry /Amla)! While it also has a volley of Anti Oxidants from its own sources apart from whole /crushed black pepper,hard dark green chillies, mildly laced with chilly powder,along with Cumin/Jeera, Fenugreek/Methi seeds and Mustard/Rai seeds and asafoetida/hing tampered in gingelly/Til oil !Yes you are getting introduced to of art of healthy healing pickling.

Super simple to make if you are ready to give some arm strength and finger grip ! Yep you need to grate 500 gms of amla and 500 gms of peeled grated haldi, followed by lime juice of 20 medium sized lemons.

Rest is all easy mix rest of the ingredients whole black pepper, chilly powder, salt, lemon juice and grated Amla and Haldi mix well. Store the pickle in clean and dry bottles -glass or ceramic bottles preferably to retain original taste and flavour and less chances of spoilage and plastic contamination. Leave the bottles in cool and dry place and start scooping out after three days and relish it till you finish it!

Bottled Turberry Pickle!

Now take a bowl of if tamper it with gingelly oil 2 tsp with cumin, mustard and asafoetida and add to bowl of pickle and mix well and serve it with your favourite piping hot plain dal ,steamed rice and yes a spoon of our darling ghee /tuppa to make it a complete food. 

This pickle is ideal for the winters in India, you should surely make this if you find gooseberries and fresh turmeric  in plenty in your local markets ! This also encourages your habit of promoting local produce, regional and seasonal foods ! Surely not making a dragon fruit pickle please!Now there would be 1000 odd question who can eat is it safe for kids, pregnant woman ,elderly, hypertensive, diabetic , weight loss???? and many many more.

Well  let us summarise, this is a pickle made with reasonably less salt and less of oil unlike the traditional amla pickle which has loads of oil and salt. It is more of sour and tangy astringent flavours with dash of chilli and pepper flavours which feels more fresh and flavourful. Hence if you are a normal healthy individual and with out any turmeric allergies and not on any hypertensive drugs then you can safely relish it 1 or 2 spoons a day, while you are hypertensive then you can take a half  tsp of it alternate days, keeping a tab in case your blood pressures rise with high salt intake.This is not for pregnant mothers, uncontrolled blood pressures, renal stones and any other kind of renal/kidney disorders, with high levels of Sodium and Potassium levels. As the key ingredients are rich in loads of vitamin A and C but also high on Sodium and Potassium levels which can be damaging in case of renal disorders. But surely yes for lactating moms, diabetics, cancer preventing, and all those people who want to eat home made pickles yet feel healthy and strong and trying for a homemade detox! 

Amla Turmeric Pickle