Dizzy spells that cause you feeling off-balance can be very scary, but most often are not threatening. Several medical conditions can cause such balance problems, Vertigo being one among them. Often caused by a problem in the inner ear, Vertigo can be associated with several other conditions as well. 

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the most trusted and age-old alternative medicine, thus, one can undoubtedly find the desired relief with its simple and side-effect free treatment ways. Ayurvedic treatments adopt a holistic approach to human health, and its interventions reduce the scope of any possible side effects within the patient’s body.

Ayurveda approach to Vertigo

The science of Ayurveda does not consider vertigo as a chronic disease but a result of an underlying condition, such as the disorder of the nervous system. Referred to as ‘Brahma’ in Ayurveda, the vitiated Pitta causes the spinning sensation. Following an Ayurvedic approach can help in balancing the Pitta efficiently. This mode of treatment can systematically cleanse the human body by addressing the causes of a condition.

Symptoms of Vertigo

According to the tenets of Ayurveda, the most common symptom of vertigo is the sensation of imbalance or spinning,Even though one is standing still. Vomiting and the feeling of nausea are other symptoms associated with this condition. Sometimes, one may also experience mild headaches and ringing sensation inside the ear. These are some of the best manifestations of vertigo. Causes According to Ayurveda, there can be several causes for vertigo that include disrupted and troubled digestion, the presence of ear disease that occurs due to the fluid imbalances inside the ear, disorders in the nervous system, eyesight impairment, presence of severe diseases like epilepsy, and brain tumour. Lack of sleep, occasional migraine attacks, and utter fatigue can also be responsible for vertigo. Sexual incompetence is suspected to be one of the causes responsible. Though there are many reasons considered to be causing vertigo, the diseases affecting the inner ear are considered to be the most common.

How can Ayurveda help?

Ayurveda is a form of complementary medicine that uses herbal medication and minerals to free the body from the‘ doshas’ believed to be responsible for causing discomfort while focusing on boosting the immunity power of the body. When it comes to treating vertigo with Ayurveda, along with some effective home remedies, Ayurveda offers some alcohol-based medicines that can adjust the ‘dosha’ or causes trigger vertigo. Ayurveda also aims to treat disease from its core while boosting the body’s power to heal itself. Hence, Ayurveda recommends various dietary and lifestyle changes designed to prevent vertigo and to treat the condition.

Here are some steps that can be taken to deal with the problem of vertigo naturally:

1. Using herbs like giloy, vacha, sariva and pitpapda can help control the condition.

2. Making changes in the diet such as: 

  • Avoiding junk food 
  • Avoiding excessive use of salt
  • Including good amount of green vegetables and fruits

3. Practicing yoga on a daily basis- Hala and dhanur asana under guidance can be immensely helpful.

4. Restricting alcohol consumption. Panchkarma treatments can offer very best results in combination with Ayurvedic medicines. If the above-mentioned tips do not help and you continue to experience episodes of dizziness, consult a Ayurveda/ Panchkarma expert immediately.