Leucorrhoea is a common problem of women and its recurrence is cause of concern for many, Ayurvedic term for leucorrhoea is shwet (white) pradar (discharge). Condition of excessive vaginal white discharge is referred as leucorrhoea. Vaginal discharge is a normal physiological feature of women of reproductive age for lubrication and protection, its amount and consistency varies during different stages like it increases during pregnancy and decrease after delivery, during lactation and after menopause, but  when it is excessive then it is considered as leucorrhoea. In Ayurveda, shwet pradar is considered as a symptom of other gynaecological or general health problem. 


* Eating heavy, spicy, oily, sweet, incompatible food.

 * Eating without digestion of previous food leading to indigestion. 

* Lack of nutritional diet. 

* Improper diet and activities during menstruation.

 * Alcohol consumption.

 * Repeated abortion. 

* Sleeping excessively during the day.

* sudden weight loss.

 * Heavy exercise, excessive physical work, long walk and riding vehicle for long time. 

* Unhygienic lifestyle. 

* Excessive sexual activities. 

* Infection.



Symptoms will appear according to involved dosha

 * Excessive white discharge from vagina.

* If vata dosha is involved then discharge is pink, frothy, thick, less and painful.

* In pitta pradar discharge is yellow, dark, heavy and with burning sensation.

* In kapha pradar discharge is pale, sticky and itching is there. 

* If all 3 doshas are involved then mix of all above symptoms will appear.

* Other symptoms are itching, burning sensation, pain, backache, body ache and weakness.


Ayurveda provides safe and effective treatment of leucorrhoea. With Ayurvedic treatment chances of its recurrence also diminish.

Types of treatment

* Use of oral medication - according to patient Prakriti and involved dosha oral medications are given. Herbs to improve immunity, strength, nourish body and to stop discharge are used.

 * Use of local vaginal douch, suppositories and dhoopan. 

Leucorrhoea is easily curable if treatment is taken as soon as starting of its symptoms, by delaying it may cause anaemia, giddiness, weakness, drowsiness and sepsis.

Diet and lifestyle tips

Avoid diet and activities mentioned under causative factors. 

* Include milk, cow ghee, amla, date moong, red rice, ash gourd, red spinach, banana inflorescence, rice water, fenugreek, coriander, betel nut, garlic 

* Maintain hygiene.