Eight to nine hours on a chair in front of a computer, six days a week can take a toll on your body.

Tips that will help you to stay healthy & in shape at work:

  • The snacks that you & your co-workers may indulge in are likely to add a few hundred calories to your daily diet if you’re not care careful & can leave you with unwanted kilos. The most important office-time snacks are samosa, pakodas, burgers, pizza & French fries. Try eating fruits, vegetables sandwiches, dhoklas, plain dosa, steamed idlis or momos, instead of fried foods. Have nimbu paani instead of soft aerated drinks.
  • Drink adequate amount of water i.e 10-12 glasses everyday can help to keep you hydrated. The 3 o’ clock lull that many people feel at work is due to dehydration. Many foods are also good sources of water fruits like oranges, grapes, melons & apples can help you to remain healthy & hydrated.
  • One of the most important things, you can do during the day to stay healthy & in shape is to exercise. Walking during the lunch burns calories & also helps in de-stressing. Find a walking partner whom you can depend on for a walk i.e someone who will drag you out even if you claim you’re too busy. Other than walking, make it a habit to take the stairs instead of lifts or elevator.
  • Eating healthy lunch is an important part of a balanced diet but eating reasonable portions is also an important part of your health. Be careful that you aren’t consuming too much & then sitting on the chair the whole day.
  • Eyestrain is another problem that is encountered in front of a computer. It can cause headaches, difficulty in focusing & increased sensitivity to light. To prevent eyestrain, the distance to the screen from your eyes should be about an arm’s length away. You should be able to comfortably read what’s on your screen at that distance, without having to squint. If you can’t read your screen from an arm’s length away, simply increase the font size on your computer.
  • Vacations are an important part of staying healthy at work. It helps you to recharge your ‘batteries’ helps to reduce stress & get your mind off work. Especially if you are having a conflict, such as problem with your boss, a co-worker or a project. Stress can impair your immune system, increasing the risk of illness, so minimising it is essentials & vacations are just the way to do it.

The most important way to stay healthy at work starts with self-awareness. Know yourself & know your limits & do the best you can to stay within those limits in your job. Know when to take breaks & know when to take a vacation. Do plenty of exercise which will help you both physically & mentally both at work & at home.