How often do we sit comfortably, relish our meals morsel by morsel, chew it to the fullest and fully experience a meal including the aftertaste? In today's rushed up the world, we see people eating on the go, juggling between fast foods joints through the day, quick and short eats just being pushed into the mouth and swallowed in a rush to attend the meetings and so on. It's extremely sad that we do not give that 20-25 minutes to focus and eat a meal to the fullest. 

Here are few reasons why chewing well is really important:

1. Promotes Healthy Digestion:

Chewing or mastication is the first step in digestion process where most of the food particles get digested to their simpler forms with the help of saliva. Most often when we skip this, we are actually skipping one of the major steps in digestion, resulting in bloated feeling or other digestive issues. 

2. Enhances Nutrient Absorption:

Chewing well gives enough time for the stomach to secrete the necessary digestive juices and to prepare itself well to promote a healthy digestion. This aids in complete digestion, efficient nutrient absorption and regular bowel movements.

3. Better Glucose Utilization:

When food is taken, the brain signals the pancreas to secrete sufficient insulin to cope up with the glucose release after the meal. For this to happen, we need to give sufficient notice to the body through chewing. Eating untimely and just pushing food into the mouth when the body is under-prepared may result in disturbances in insulin utilization/absorption resulting in early diabetes or insulin resistance. 

4. Promotes Weight Loss:

Chewing well is important when one needs to follow portion control. The stomach takes at least 20 minutes to signal the brain when it feels satiated or full. So, if you chew, relish each morsel and eat well, you will be able to follow better portion control aiding in weight loss. 

5. Gives Satiety:

Chewing is also an important component of mindful eating techniques. Chewing helps in triggering the senses to experience various tastes and to feel satisfied with a small portion. Our taste buds are made for a purpose and should be allowed to experience various flavours, tasted and consistencies. When you involve fully, chew well and eat healthily, you will be able to interlink "mind-body-food" and will look at eating as a healthy and nourishing experience. 

If you have been ignoring this simple activity, its time to consciously make an effort NOW!!! 

Take time to chew, chew and chew.

Happy Chewing!