Have you ever experienced sudden bleeding from mouth while eating or brushing? We often mistake that the blood is coming from teeth. Our teeth never bleeds, its the gums which bleed.

This is an early sign of gingivitis (also known as pyrohhea). Some of the causes of bleeding gums are as follows:

1. Plaque deposition – Generally deposits are seen in between the teeth & the gum area. This results in pocket formation & loosening of the gums. When gums are loose they tend to bleed easily. Even slight pressure of brush or finger may cause bleeding.

2. Medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, scurvy etc. may cause bleeding gums. Deficiency of vitamin C may trigger bleeding. Also seen more in bleeding & clotting disorders.

3. Hard Brushing-  Sometimes using hard or worn off brush may lead to bleeding gums.

4. Ill fitting dentures or mouth ulcers 

5. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation

Home remedies for bleeding gums 

1. Maintain a good oral hygiene. Brush & floss daily.

2. Use a soft bristled tooth brush. Change your brush after it is worn off.

3. Incorporate a lot of vitamin c in your diet. Foods like amla, oranges are a good source. 

4. Do warm saline rinses (warm water with a pinch of salt) after every meal.

5. Massage your gums with fingers gently.

Bleeding gums may be an early sign of gingivitis & should not be ignored. A professional dental scaling would be required. If left untreated it may proceed to severe inflammation of gums & further cause bone loss.

Do not ignore bleeding gums. Make sure you visit your dentist for the correct diagnosis because prevention is always better than cure.