Nothing is sadder than having acne popping on your face. 85% of teenagers and many adults face this problem and really are unhappy about it. They struggle with this problem day and night as this hinders their attractive looks. One of the top priorities of most of the girls is to have clean and blemish free skin. So, to have this, the thumb rule is to keep your skin hydrated and drink lots and lots of water. Here are some tips to follow-

  1. Whether you have acne or no, the most important tip is to keep your face clean from dirt and pollution. This will keep impurities, dead skin and excess oil away from your skin. It is advisable to use warm water to wash your face rather than using hot water. Use a mild soap to wash away the dirt and avoid scrubbing too hard. Be gentle to your skin.
  2. Another important advice is to keep your skin moisturized. Use a moisturizer that reduces dryness and keep your skin hydrated. There are many types of moisturizers available in the market as per the skin type. You can choose for oily, dry skin or combination skin depending upon your requirements.
  3. You can use acne products that do not need any prescription like glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid. You can start by using a small amount and then adjust the quantity as per your need. Use these products with caution if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Avoid using make up and even if you are using make up then remember to remove it before you going to bed. Choose oil free cosmetics that do not have added dyes and chemicals. Read the ingredients list on the product label before buying.
  5. Check what you apply to your hair because if it gets to your face then it will block the pores and irritate your skin. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Oily hair can add to the oil on your face, so wash your hair often, especially if you’re breaking out.
  6. Do not touch your face as this will spread the bacteria and also irritate the skin that is inflamed already.
  7. Use a good SPF sunscreen while you go out in sun or cover yourself to keep you away from harmful rays of the sun.
  8. Eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water.
  9. Exercise regularly and Shower or bathe right after exercise.
  10. Don’t take much stress. Do meditation or yoga to keep you stress free.

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Dr, Jangid MD Skin.