Ques-Why do we need toothpaste to brush our teeth?

Ans-Toothpaste is a medium which helps to clean our teeth by foaming action and aids in getting rid of bacteria, lodged food particles, debris and stains between the teeth.

Ques-How much toothpaste should be used every day?

Ans-For proper and efficient cleaning of teeth, only a pea sized amount is sufficient.

Ques-Can we use mouthwash instead of a toothpaste?

Ans- No,not at all. Mouthwash can just freshen your breath and has an antibacterial action for a little time but can’t remove the food particles and debris. 

Ques-Can we use medicated toothpastes for long term?

Ans-No,medicated toothpastes should be used only after consulting your dentist for specific problem. These should be used till the time they are prescribed for. Otherwise,they can have adverse effects too.

Ques-Choosing a right toothpaste-a dilemma?

Ans- You have to know your teeth in order to pick toothpaste that is right for you. After all,nobody knows your teeth better than a dentist! Most importantly, the type of paste you use won’t make much of a difference if brushing technique is not followed.

Ques-Does the color coding on toothpaste signifies the composition?

Ans-No, they’re EYE MARKS/COLOR MARKS which are art efacts in the manufacturing process which help in identifying where product packaging is to be cut or folded.

Ques-What are the best natural alternatives for toothpaste and brush?

Ans- Neem twig(datun), Acacia (kikar/babool) are the best traditional well known natural cleaning aid for teeth from centuries in our culture. Even clinical researches have proven the same.

Ques- Do Whitening toothpastes bleach teeth?

Ans- Whitening toothpastes alone can’t make whiter teeth. They can help in maintaining the white smile achieved after in-office bleaching or take away home-bleaching kit.

Ques- Which brand of Toothpaste is best?

Ans- All the toothpaste brands are similar. You are safe to brush with quality IDA-approved standard toothpaste to maintain your teeth.