Look Natural & Feel Comfortable with Dental Implant

Same Day Dental Implant with Tooth Cap

If you have come across ads claiming new natural tooth in one day with the dental implant are not totally false. You can get a new tooth on the same day that look & function naturally. But aside the marketing part, there is bit more reality into it. Same Day tooth replacement is not suitable in every case and also there are risks for failure which are minimized by proper case selection and taking few precautions.

1. Dental Implants require adequate bone support for its stability, If However there is less than the adequate bone due to any of the reason ( Infection, Fracture of bony wall while extraction, gum recession ) we might have to abort the procedure altogether that day and do additional procedures ( Bone Grafting, Socket Shielding) to form a healthy new bone which can hold the dental implant strongly and give long-lasting results.

2. While placing the implant we focus on maximum implant stability. And because of affinity with dental implants bone cells gradually grow and adhere with an implant to anchor it firmly with time. But since we are immediately giving a tooth rather than allowing it to fully integrate with bone we need precise placement and adequate bone support to secure the firm hold.

3. Even after this implant needs to be integrated with jaw bone which takes time and may be risked with heavy biting forces. We place a temporary tooth crown which is made up of softer material and is little shorter than surrounding teeth so that adjacent teeth takes burnt of biting and chewing forces.

 4. Once it is fully integrated, we replace the temporary crown with permanent one which looks completely natural and properly functional. 

5. Even with the temporary crown, you can have a life-like tooth the day we extract the older one. So, the key to success for teeth in a day is proper planning and successfully executing each succeeding steps which will ensure the success for same day implant from the first day.

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