There is no zero cholesterol oil as advertised. Every fat has calories, some are healthy fats and others are not as they start blocking our blood vessels, making blood to flow with difficulty leading to Heart Attack and Stroke.

One can be own Nutrition specialist and Gymn instructor but do seek help if need be by asking a trained and learned person having a Degree in respective field.

Follow Common sense and your own genetic profile. Obesity can be genetic also.

It Runs in families should be No Consolation as Genes can be Modified.

We need proteins as building blocks,carbohydrates to give us ready energy and fats as store houses of energy plus vitamins and minerals to digest food and for metabolism plus Lots of Water. Remember Jal hi Jeewan hai- Water is Life and There is No Life possible without water.

If you want to lose weight cut down on fats and carbohydrates-make it simple and take no refined sugar,minimum grains and depend upon sugar given to us by fruits and vegetables Only.

Some fats are as essential to our body as good oil is to run a vehicle.

Take a spoon of pure ghee or butter only , not lots of it. Eat a katori of assorted Nuts every day. Nuts carry essential proteins plus good fats which keeps our heart healthy.

Do Not Starve. Drink water with ORS, green tea, clear soups, warm water with lemon juice and spoon of honey, every 2 hours so that acids and bile do not keep piling up in empty stomach leading to Acidity.

Eat More Proteins as they are filling and do ward away Hunger Pangs. Try Taking a boiled egg /nuts /cup of milk/ curd and it becomes easy to spend 4 hours without eating a regular meal. 

High proteins also repair the broken cells in body caused by eating little.

Eat one full meal at end of the day with roti-sabji-dal-rice 2 hours before sleeping and drink a glass of water as last meal of the day.

All Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits are Good , even for persons with higher sugar levels as cutting down on other carbs compensates the sugar taken through fruits.

Drink a glass of warm water with juice of fresh lemon plus a spoon of honey on empty stomach every morning. It does help in reducing weight. 

Apple cider Vinegar diluted with water or juice can be had as many times as one wishes. ACV also helps to shed kilos.

Walking is a Simple Exercise which is Meditating too.

If outside pollution bothers , take a steady exercise Bike and exercise while watching TV within the home breathing in pure air.

Stress makes a person eat erratic and Munch on anything available.

Remain Stress free by doing Yoga and Meditation

REMEMBER- Learn to Say No.

Healthy Stress is good for the body as it is result oriented. Good Results shown after every efforts put in by us do boost our Morale and Make us Eat/ celebrate in a healthy way.

One need to weigh only once in a week,not every day. Healthy weight loss is @5kg/month to start with, then there is a plateau ,with no weight loss shown on machine, but once dieting and exercise becomes a Habit, weight loss is gradual and for sure it is going to be a Permanent loss of unhealthy kilos.