Most of my patients have this question when they are advised for Dental Crowns (commonly referred to as Caps) after root canal treatment .Is It really needed AFTER Root Canal Treatment??

Well, the answer is YES ! not just needed but it's very IMPORTANT. Here's Why-

After root canal treatment is done the crown structure is not functionally capable of withstanding chewing forces as its core had to be drilled to gain access to root canal treatment. Also, the tissues inside responsible for the health of the tooth had to be removed due to infection. Dental crowns placed post treatment are thus needed for the following reasons:

  • Structural support: Crowns simultaneously fill lost tissue while serving as the tooth’s outer layer. In this way, crowns restore strength to a tooth that would be too weak to function on its own.
  • Protection: By capping the natural crown of a tooth, dental crowns protect a tooth from injury, stress, and wear & tear.
  • Preservation: Without a crown, the alternative for many teeth would be extraction and replacement. A crown allows patients to preserve a natural tooth, rather than replace it with a dental implant or bridge.
  • Durability: By using porcelain, dental crowns can easily last 15 years or longer without wear or damage. With the right care, porcelain crowns are effective permanent restorations.  
  • Realistic appearance: Porcelain is the most effective dental material for mimicking the shape and colour of natural teeth. And because it’s stain resistant, your porcelain crown will continue to shine for years.

                        So it's time to treat your teeth as ROYALS!!