Cool dry air of winter is capable of refreshing our whole organism. So it is very useful  to have mild to moderate exercise in morning and to eat lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.

But winter may become torturous for some people having problems of allergies , asthma, psoriasis, arthritis, muscular stiffness & pains, tonsillitis & etc.

Cough and especially Dry Cough is very common and tiresome problem for many children and adults, too. Dry cough , although not so severe in it's cause in most of the cases, is very much harassing because it recovers very slowly.

Dry cough causes friction and injuries to throat and mouth and becomes very sore and painful. It scratches internal mucous membrane very badly to make it sore and still more liable to super added infections.

# Causes

  Causes of dry cough are variable like Allergies, Sinusitis, Suppressed mucus secretions, Viral or Post-viral infection, Whooping Cough, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Lung pathology , etc. 

# Mechanism

  Dry cough occurs due to drying up of internal mucus membrane of upper respiratory tract. Our respiratory tract has mucus membrane lining internally which moistens the tract to protect it from foreign bodies and germs. But either due to improper or lowered immune response or due to over medications of cough these secretions decreases and that causes the dry cough.

  When these secretions decreases it leads to further decrease in immune response and lowers the vitality of the person causing generalised weakness at physical as well as mental levels,too.

# Protection

  So to avoid dry cough or to control the severity one can apply some measures like

    * Drink water at regular intervals. It moistens the internal lining and lessens the severity of dry cough.

    * Use Honey , turmeric , ginger or like household medicines to fight the external cold and it's internal        effects in body.

    * Cover mouth and nose while going in to the open dry cold wind because it can make inner linings dry and increase dry cough.

   * Avoid things which can suppress running fluent coryza and make it dry.

# Homeopathy

   * Homeopathy will improve mucosal immunity towards the germs and environmental changes. So inner linings will not be dry and dry cough can be avoided easily.

  * Homeopathy will improve general immunity and by that allergic reactions to the external environmental changes, food and germs.

  * Homeopathy will not just cure the recent or old dry cough but also will give immunity for future fights against seasonal changes and germs. And also cure food allergy , if any.

  * Homeopathy can be given to any age i.e. from new-born to old age, at any stage - pregnancy/lactation/disease. 

  * Homeopathy is easy and safe to take and give , also to younger children.

  * Homeopathic medicine are given after taking full and proper case of the patient , analysing it and then according to patient's complete case , tendencies , hereditary and congenital background. Homeopathy has a wide range of medicines like - rumex, spongia, drosera, bryonia, phosphorous, sanguinaria, sambucus, coccus-cacti, causticum, cuprum-met, ipecac, antim-tart, etc...

  So fight your disease with natural ways and natural medicines.