Holi, the festival of vibrant colours and celebrations is here and everyone wants to be a part of it. Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, a large number of people are in a dilemma to decide whether to play Holi or not this year.

It is important to understand that COVID-19 is an airborne infection. Participating in large crowds or gatherings puts you at a higher risk of contracting the infection. The infection is spread via the respiratory droplets produced during coughing or sneezing by an infected person. One can also catch the infection from people who do not have any signs of the infections or by coming in contact with infected surfaces.

Do NOT play Holi under the following conditions:

1. If you are unwell/ sick/ down with a cold/ cough/ throat infection

2. If you have been in contact with a person who has a cold/ fever, is sneezing or coughing

3. If you have been in contact with a person who is suspected or confirmed with Coronavirus

4. If you have been in contact recently with a person who has returned from a trip (city/ country) with confirmed Coronavirus cases

From a safety perspective, doctors, experts and government health authorities suggest avoiding large gatherings during Holi. It is highly recommended that one maintain personal hygiene at all times and keep the Holi celebrations as low and as small as possible.

One CAN play Holi if they are fit.

For those who are going ahead with the celebrations and playing Holi, it is important to keep certain skin, hair and eye care tips to enjoy the festival:

Holi Skin, Hair and Eye Care Tips

  • Moisturize your skin, lips and hair well in advance before you play holi.
  • Apply a thick layer of water-resistant sunscreen with 30+ SPF and PA+++ rating on your face and other exposed parts of the body, 30 mins before you play holi.
  • Wear full sleeved cotton clothes and cover your hair with bandana if possible.
  • Apply coconut on hair (not scalp) to prevent colours from damaging the hair cuticle and cortex.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses while playing Holi. Wear sunglasses to protect from colours getting inside your eyes.Don’t sit in the sun after playing with colors.
  • Don’t remove the colors by vigorous scrubbing. Remove it using a mild cleanser and continue using the moisturiser liberally.Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Holi 2020. In case of any sensation of itching, consult a dermatologist immediately. If you happen to catch a cold/ cough infection after the celebration, consult with your general physician in that case.