Visiting a dental clinic for treatment can bring out anxiety in anyone. 

And kids are no exception. 

But once they get acquainted with the clinic and dentist, kids get relaxed.

There are few ways in which you as parents can help your kid be relaxed during the treatment. 

1. Stay Calm

Calmness is contagious and so is anxiety. 

When parents are nervous, kids can tell. Keep calm, all will go well. 

When the child sees that the parent is calm and comfortable he/she also gets comfortable. 

2. Catch On Sleep

Kids tend to get fussy when they are not well rested. 

Make sure that they have had a good night's sleep or a nap before the dental appointment.

Kids will be fresh for their treatment. This will increase their cooperation during the dental treatment. 

3. Healthy Snack

Hungry kids are usually irritated. 

Sometimes, depending on the treatment the dentist may advise you to give food only few hours before the appointment. 

Else, give your child some healthy snack before the appointment. But no sugary snacks please. 

After few treatment procedures, it is advised not to eat anything for an hour or so. So it is better if the child isn't hungry before the dental treatment. 

4. Comfort

Your child may have a favorite soft toy or a toy car. You can bring it along with you for the dental appointment. 

So that your kid is comfortable sitting in the dental chair along with his/her favorite toy. 

5. Praise

Everyone loves a genuine praise. 

Praise your child after their good cooperation during the treatment. 

This will definitely motivate them. And also create a positive attitude towards dental treatment and good oral hygiene.