Since most of us are working from home these days, it is very important to watch our diet. One positive thing about this lockdown is that now it is super easy to follow a healthy diet strictly. The primary problem of home quarantine is unhealthy weight gain and extremely sedentary life. We all know the damage an unhealthy lifestyle (eating those tempting food and lounging on couch) does on your waist. Owing to coronavirus anxiety and stress, emotional eating may rise and put you at risk of developing lifestyle problems. Before working from home makes you literally too heavy, here are some easy tips to keep your weight in check without losing your mind-

  • Stay busy- One real way to avoid untimely cravings is to stay busy. An occupied mind means less time for you to munch on junk snacks.
  • Keep healthy foods pre-prepared and readily available. One way to avoid ‘what to eat’ dilemmas and munching on junk is to plan meals beforehand.  Also, cooking your own meal can help you stay mindful of what you are actually consuming.
  • Be more physically active- If you are spending more hours lounging than working around, you are definitely putting yourself at the risk of weight gain. Put on music and walk briskly around the house 30-30 minutes morning and evening. Walk up and down the stairs for 10 minutes, a couple of times a day. Skipping or jumping rope 400- 500 times is also a good calorie-burning exercise.
  • Stay hydrated- Keeping hydration levels in check is one way to ensure that weight problems are kept away and you don’t binge eat mindlessly.
  • Do not skip meals- Just as it is important to avoid eating calorie-laden snack foods, it is equally important that you do not forget eating. For proper weight management, it is important you take meals in a timely manner away from the screen and not avoid eating healthy nutrients. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy