This is a testing time for everyone in the world with coronavirus pandemic. We, adults, understand the preventive measures taken by the government and by us for the same but we have younger ones at home with us who are just made to sit at home, some of them not completely sure why they can't go out and play with friends or why do they have to miss school. So keeping them positive and happy becomes a challenge in itself and here are few tips which can be done at home.

1. Keep kids involved with the household things at home.

2. Let them do cleaning, mobbing, gardening along with you and feel part of it.

3. Play different games with them which may be any board game, games like hide and seek at home.

4. Allow them fixed screen time during the day but avoid extra screen time and mobile use.

5. Give them daily work which can be schoolwork or can be a simple revision of the previous classwork.

6. Enjoy family time together and do few things together daily like mealtime should be together always.

7. Tell kids different stories and hardships of your life and how difficult times come and good times come after that.

8. Tell them about a few things coronavirus and why these preventive measures are being taken.

And then give them tighter hug, enjoy those naughty tricks, laugh at their jokes, let them make the house dirty also and read them stories and add sparkle to their lives.

Stay positive yourself and this too shall pass.

Stay home and stay safe!!!!