To keep up with this fast pacing world, the first thing that gets neglected is our digestion. Late night parties, Un stable work shifts, skipping breakfast, over eating and stress further dents our digestive powers. Are your bad eating habits and lifestyle affecting your digestion? This self guide is about how to improve the digestion naturally and to correct the bad eating habits.Chronic Indigestion if not managed timely can lead to digestive disorders like Diarrhea, G-I acid re-flux(Hyper-acidity), excessive flatus, Irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pains, bloating, constipation, gastric ulcers, piles, abnormal bowel habits, anorexia.

Signs of indigestion: Nausea, vomiting, anorexia (Loss of appetite), salivation, constipation, heaviness in the head, pain in abdomen.

Reason for indigestion:Diseases: Some diseases like Gall bladder stones, Gastritis, Stomach ulcers, Cirrhosis of liver, Pancreatitis, Cysts, Heart diseases, Gluten intolerance, Cancers, H. Pylori infection (stomach Infection), Thyroid disorder could be the reasons for Indigestion.

Medications: Medications can have side effects and indigestion and poor appetite could be the side effect of the medication you are taking, so consult your physician if you experience indigestion after taking a medication.

Fecal material stuck in the colon causes bloating and indigestion.Substance abuse: Smoking, Alcohol and Drug abuse can hamper the digestive system directly.

Stress: Some people switch to over eating to divert their mind from stress as they feel happy, but this is the wrong way to deal with stress and it could result in obesity, indigestion and other metabolic diseases.

Bad eating habits like over eating, foods that are hard to digest, foods having large amount of calories can cause indigestion.

How to improve digestion:

Fasting: After a day of unhealthy and over eating, fasting the next day is a good idea to balance the calories. Fasting does not mean you have stay empty stomach all day. One can also fast by consuming fruits and vegetables.

Light exercise: light exercises like swimming, walking and jogging are best to improve the digestion prior to a meal.Bath: Bathing prior to the meal energizes the body, freshens up the mood and increases the hunger.

Appetizers: Ginger, vinegar, sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt, lemon, coriander, cumin has been used as appetizers for a long time. An appetizer corrects the digestion by stimulating digestive enzymes.

Detox: Enema and non habit-forming laxatives should be used judiciously to counter constipation and indigestion.

Tip: Add Epsom salt, lime juice and apple cider vinegar to warm water, mix well drink this colon cleanses first thing in the morning. This should clean the bowel with a marked difference.

Develop a habit of clean eating, cook food thoroughly and chew properly. When digestion is weak always eat light meals.

Develop good eating habits: Do not fill the stomach like there is no tomorrow, always leave some space in the stomach, eat a little less than you could to ease some load of the digestive system. For proper working of digestive system, sleep at least 2 hours after the meal.

Develop a habit of clean eating, cook food thoroughly and chew properly. When digestion is weak always eat light meals.High Fiber diet: Eat fiber rich diet including fruits and vegetables.

Probiotics: Daily use of probiotic is good for digestion.

Green tea: Green tea improves the digestion.

Things to avoid:Suppression of natural urges like urine, flatus and stool to avoid bloating and weak digestion. Late night working shifts can upset the release pattern of digestive secretions in the stomach and can result in indigestion.Avoid bad habits like Smoking and Drug abuse. Seek professional help to get rid of these bad habits. 

Stress: There is always going to be stress in today’s world, learn to manage the stress.Avoid untimely eating, over eating and foods that are too heavy to digest. 

Alcohol: Taking too much alcohol can cause indigestion. Limit the use of alcohol to support the digestion.