Unwanted thoughts are like dark clouds in the sky that hides the bright sun. It keeps irritating like a grain of sand in eye. The thought keeps coming again and again, and it will be very difficult to concentrate on other things unless that thought is paid attention.

The more you allow the negative thoughts in your mind the more your life becomes negative and this negativity becomes a pattern or habit of your life.

You have the power in your mind to scatter that dark clouds and bring back the blue sky in your life. Then your day becomes bright and beautiful.

Some inner work on your part can bring great changes in you rlife. However, if negativity is deeply rooted in you will be needing professional help.

Below are given some simple tips you can follow at your end to bring back the blue sky bright and sunny.

Smile more often

When you are angry or feeling depressed, look at a mirror and force a smile on your face. Smiling sends blood and oxygen to your face and brings the feel good factor. This will help change the mood and relieves stress.

Seek the company of positive people

When you are stuck amongst negative thoughts, it is better to be in the company of positive people. Their positive energy will have a positive impact on you and will relieve you from stress.

Avoid talking about the thoughts

When you are in a problem, do not talk about that problem. This will increase the power of the negative thought or the problem. Change the mind and engage it in some positive works like listening to music.

Do not behave like a victim

Don’t behave or act like a victim of the situation. Instead, take charge of the situation. No one can make you feel bad or acts like a victim unless you allow so. Happiness is your right.


Use affirmations to change your mood and have positive attitude. Affirmations are powerful sentences that can have a great impact on the mind.

Following one or all of the above given tips, will help you instantly to come out of your unwanted thoughts. However, professional help can help you much further.