With the on-going pandemic, the current focus is on delaying any dental treatment for patient safety from COVID-19. If there is any dental pain or any minor dental issue which can be prevented with medications and oral hygiene care, then patients can discuss their concern on the phone with their respective dentist.

During the lockdown period, people start having irregular diet schedules, many parents and children were confined together at home without having a proper routine or schedule. These conditions may result in a lack of poor eating habits and improper oral health conditions which may lead to dental emergencies.

15 healthy tips to avoid any dental emergency and for oral hygiene maintenance

1. Limit your snacking throughout the day. Follow a proper schedule for your meals and eat them on time.

2. Try to rinse your mouth after every meal and encourage your children also to do so to maintain their oral cavity.

3. Practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day in order to remove dental plaque over the teeth surface.

4. Limits sugary and acidic food diet (sugar converts into acid in the mouth, which can erode the teeth surface called enamel). These acids then lead to tooth decay and may increase tooth sensitivity in some cases.

5. Do warm saline gargles, especially in case of wisdom tooth pain.

6. Avoid chewy candies /sticky chocolates, that stick around the teeth for longer periods and may lead to tooth decay or increase any existing pain. If there is already a deep cavity, further pain may may lead to a dental emergency.

7. Brushing should be done after eating sticky food.

8. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

9. The use of tobacco products should be limited or avoided.

10. If you have a dry mouth, then drink plenty of water, chewing sugarless gum will be helpful.

11. Eating a balanced and healthy diet not only prevents dental cavities but also promotes good immunity, to fight against any infection. Increase the intake of food that is rich in fiber.

12.  Avoid using your teeth for breaking or cracking nuts, removing bottle tops, you may risk chipping or even breaking your teeth, which may lead to any dental emergency.

13. Avoid food that is too hard to bite or chew.

14. In case of any tooth sensitivity, you can use desensitizing paste.

15. Consult your dentist immediately, if any dental emergency arises.

If you understand the importance of oral health and maintain your healthy and balanced diet schedule then you will be able to prevent any dental emergencies and also promote good immunity, to fight against any infection.