Monsoon season renders your skin oily and dark. The humidity extracts away all the radiance and makes it dull and lusterless. Skin care becomes essential to keep the skin blemish-free and impeccable. So stick to a ‘monsoon skin routine’ stringently.

Dehydrated skin:

For dry skin, apply a cream based cleanser to properly cleanse the skin of the face, neck and arms. Subsequently apply a moisturizer to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Glow moisturizer:

Pick a light moisturizer in hot humid months. Use fingertips to apply the moisturizer evenly on the skin. Too much moisturizer can block the skin pores and interferes with the natural breathing process of skin.

Greasy oily skin:

In case of oily skin, cleanse the skin deeply and apply water-based moisturizer.

Sunscreen lotions:

A sunscreen is a dire necessity during the monsoon season. The use of a good sunscreen, especially for people who usually work outside their homes for long is generously suggested. People who are involved in extensive field work should always carry sunscreen and apply it every two hours.

People commuting daily from office to home etc. should use a sunscreen with a high  Sun Protection factor . The sunscreen must have both UVA and UVB protection. People staying outdoors for long should reapply sunscreen every two hourly.

The touch of vegetables:

Smash tomatoes and add some Fuller’s earth to it. Wet your face, dry it up and apply this mixture on. After 15 minutes you’re your face with cold water. Your face will glow with radiance like never before.

Apply a paste of mashed bananas and honey on dry skin, but avoid banana in case your skin is greasy or oily.

Apply a paste made of watermelon and some milk powder to get instant cooling effect. It is an ideal paste for hot scorching days.

Use a good deodorant to avoid body odors and bathe twice a day to wash off the excess sweat.

Remember to keep your skin dry and sweat-free.