On the basis of latest statistics, parents are seriously flunking when it comes to caring for their children's teeth. A recent national survey conducted for the Indian dental association says 3 out of 4 parents admit their children don't brush regularly or frequently skip brushing altogether. A total of 600 parents with children ages 6 to 12 were surveyed. Brushing negligence affected a full 75% of respondents.

                                         75% OF THE KIDS DON'T BRUSH THEIR TEETH!

Researchers say dental care is simply a lower priority to parents today. Children's safety is a much bigger concern and parents are too busy. The result? They shove dental hygiene to the bottom of their list.

Dental hygiene continues as a low priority even with the fact that Indian children miss more than 51 million school hours due to untreated dental illness. Needless to say, these are stats that make dentists cringe. If these many children are not brushing regularly, there could be a lot of toothless adults in the future. Poor hygiene can lead to a lifetime of dental problems.

So, here are some Tips for Parents to Make Brushing Fun!

Poor brushing compliance is not due to general neglect. Parents are just overwhelmed today. We understand that parents themselves admit they fail to brush their own teeth twice a day. Since children learn from example and good habits are established early, parents need to work on their own dental routines. Teeth brushing can actually be some quality time with your kids and dental hygiene doesn't have to be a chore. You are more likely to work with your child if you look forward to the task. Let's look at some suggestions...

  • Start early with your child even when the teeth hasn't erupted. Clean the gum pads with a clean and damp gauze piece
  • Get your baby used to dental care between the ages of 4 to 24 months
  • Get a regular brushing routine going
  • Best times to brush are morning and before bedtime
  • Get involved with your children and brush along side them.
  • Sing a song that they can learn. It will make brushing time - quality time with your child!
  • Buy your children a soft bristle toothbrush that fits their mouths and fits their little hands
  • Let your child choose the toothbrush - favorite character themes work well
  • Be selective on toothpaste. A good fluoride toothpaste that has a child-friendly flavor is best.
  • Remind your child that brushing is not a race.
  • Reward your child for good brushing. Post stars on the frige with a prize your child can earn after so many stars.

For a proper toothbrushing technique to be used in children, watch this video on Youtube: