Healthy sex life is key to a happy married life. Every person looks forward to having a healthy sex life with his partner. However, a number of reasons usually intrude free flow of sex between you and your partner, thereby creating a lot of physical, mental, and sexual stress. Fret not! You can easily overcome this stress by following these easy tips for a healthy sexual life:

1. The first important thing that you must always do to break the boundaries is to communicate with your partner. It is very important for you to maintain open communication in your relationship; not only in terms of sex but in other perspectives as well. This is going to create a healthy bond between the two of you.

2. Maintain a healthy diet packed with amino acids, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants to benefit your overall health, boost your mood, and improve your sexual performance. This diet should include protein sources, nuts, and seeds, leafy greens, citrus foods, carrots, salmon, etc.  

3. An occasional glass of red wine surely increases sexual desire and lubrication, however, excessive alcohol is considered to be harmful to your intimate life. The consumption of excessive alcohol triggers negative emotions. Alcohol also acts as a depressant to the nervous system. Thus, if you drink too much alcohol, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your sex life. It is also suggested for men to avoid excessive smoking as it reduces their sperm count.

 4. Consumption of different vitamins improves sex life. Vitamin C can improve circulation whereas Vitamin D tends to increase sex hormone levels, thereby improving erectile dysfunction, if any.

5. It is important to indulge yourself in physical activities outside the bed. Exercise and physical activity help to improve your sex life in a number of ways. Exercise also increases levels of sex hormones and endorphins in the body that helps to boost your mood and sexual drive respectively.

Follow these easy-peasy tips suggested by a sexologist to improve and maintain a healthy sexual life.