I asked 5 of my clients to share their favorite self-care tips. Here is what really works for them:

Jayati, New Delhi

  1. Focusing on myself, forget the people who cause pain. Be my own priority. Invest in things and activities that made me happy and create time for myself
  2. Having faith in the divine/universe. Everything happens for a good reason, if you work withpositivity life will start working for you.
  3. Fitness for both body and mind.Walk everyday, stretch & eat mindfully. Drink lot of water. Run if you can.A fitter body will bring about great positive vibes.
  4. Never ever stop believing youcan, and you will!

S.S., Ireland

  1. I have been doing a lot ofsports, running, hiking and swimming
  2. I have started group sports tobuild social connections
  3. I have been doing mindfulnesssessions

Ginny, Gurgaon

  1. Focusing on my strengths andmore honestly on things that I feel I have missed out in life. By doing themagain I felt I have found myself again. That helps me reconnect with myself andmakes me happy.
  2. Setting  up physical goals for myself so I can bephysically stronger than I have ever been.
  3. Thinking of why I want to dosomething or behave in a certain way and about  the consequences.

JD, Trivandrum

  1. Being kind to myself. I haverealized that half of  the cause of mymisery was my critical and unforgiving attitude towards myself for mistakes I madein my relationships
  2. Gettingback to my original hobbies and finding myself again. For me it’s travelling,Everyone should follow their personal passion!

Ritu, Mumbai

  1. Accepting myself
  2. Thinking positive
  3. Exercise everyday
  4. Watch happy movies

My clients are the really experts of their life!