1.What  is dental caries?  

Disease of tooth caused by bacteria called Streptococcus mutans 

2.What will happen if left untreated?

It burrows your tooth leading to deeper infections and pus formation. It may affect the surrounding bone and other supporting structures of the tooth   

 3.What is the cause for dental caries?

Food substance carbohydrate  causes  bacterial actionand acid formation which leads  to       tooth  decay and pain

4.Ways for prevention of dental caries:

Brush twice daily                 

Regular use of prescribed mouth rinseFloss in required areas        

Rinse after every mealVisit your dentist regularly                          

As the saying goes,  “ PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE’’

5.Treatment for dental caries:

1st stage: In the early stage it can be treated by filling, which involves removal of decay followed by high strength filling material                                                

2nd stage: If the decay involves the pulp tissue of the tooth, then it is necessary to remove the dead/infected pulp tissue followed by cleaning of canals and filling with a high strength filling material. The procedure is named as Root canal treatment         

3rd stage: If left untreated, for longer duration, the tooth gets completely infected and goes for removal. 

                                             SOONER, THE BETTER!!

6.Where to go for correcting my dental cavity?

Malligai dental hospital located in West mambalam, ashok nagar, with all the state of facilities. It is headed by Major Dr.pravin prathip.J, an Ex army dental corps officer with more than 16 years experience. He specializes in Implantology, Root canal treatment, Orthodontics. His value is based on compassionate patient care with patient education to avoid future problems. He is the first person to bring Dental Implants in the West Mambalam area in an affordble pricing. Our Malligai Dental Hospital has been ranked in 9th position in All India Times of India survey. We also have in house OPG (xray facilities)  to take all your Xrays, and blood lab facilities. Both the clinics are well located in ground floor convenient for elderly patients.


Malligai Dental Hospital

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West Mambalam

chennai 600033