Dear friend,

Yes, I know you have been diagnosed of a condition that says your hormone level is NOT OK and if you keep the level normal, you will be all right - and that you need to take these pills in ever-increasing dosage for the rest of your life.

But I also know something more. I, for example, know that the glands in the body act according to something called negative feedback mechanism. In simple words, if a hormone is low, the brain senses it and stimulates the gland to produce more. If it senses the hormone is adequate, it stops the gland from producing the hormone further. See the problem with supplementing hormones? When you supply from outside the brain will never realise that there is a problem with your gland and whatever little effort was there to produce the hormone decreases gradually - and hence the ever-increasing dosage requirement.

So is there a better solution?

Does nobody require hormones?

To answer the second question, yes, there are a few people who have a severe situation where the supplementing is urgent or the body will suffer. Also if you are pregnant and you have a thyroid condition, you must take hormones or the low level will affect your baby’s brain development.

For others, to answer the first question- Today, research is revealing that the hormones are directly linked to the nervous system and hence your psychology. So, if we are to deal with hormonal problems, an integrative approach to recognition of the deeper emotional and genetic factors that resulted in the hormonal disturbance is essential. Classical Homoeopathy has always practised this approach. 

An expert Classical Homoeopath is trained and equipped to figure out where exactly each individual’s immune system broke down and letting the hormones go astray. Once this is done, the medicine is selected to stimulate the defence mechanism to get back on track.

Indeed it is our experience in everyday practice with Hypothyroid patients that we slowly REDUCE the hormone pills and eventually stop it. If the patient has never started hormones, the response is even faster. The greatest news is that for most of them this need not be a lifetime thing. Yes, there are a few people in whom the condition relapses when off medication and they will need to take particularly lengthy treatment but that is a small percentage - even then it is safe as there is no shutting down of the gland. 

With ever-increasing complexities of our emotions and the resultant stresses we go through, such an approach to health where not the lab reports but YOUR WELL-BEING is focussed is more and more relevant especially considering how young these problems start off these days.