Dealing with skin allergies can be a phenomenal job to do, especially in winters when the germs are flying across your room, hidden in your quilts and blazers that you’re using again and again. Having a history of allergies, especially skin can make it more and more problematic if not taken seriously over time. Here, we are going to talk about a few ways you can combat skin allergies. 

Sterilize And Disinfect Your Skin Care Applicators

Using a ton of products on your skin isn’t a safe choice if you have a history of allergy. Instead choosing the ones that suit your skin and dosha imbalance seems to be the right thing to do. But while you’re at it, it’s important to know that you have to be careful with the types of applicators you’re using to apply those products on your skin. You should sincerely sterilize them and disinfect with an anti-microbial solution to avoid any further exposure to microbes and allergens. 

Using Herbs That Can Fight Microbes

Once you’re ready with precautions, it’s important to beat those microbes that continue to bother you with herbs like neem, turmeric and giloy. Overall, applications and ingestions of these herbs helps your body to improve on immunity parameters and prepares the body for a negative feedback if and when exposed to an allergen. This also helps your body to restore normalcy earlier than possible. 

Go For Ayurvedic Remedies

Since allergy is something that you’re born with or develop sensitivity to over time - you’d have to be aware of every allergen that causes your body to respond against it. Having to ingest a medicine regularly can be damaging for your body in the long term and hence, it is recommended to go the Ayurvedic way to your skin allergy problem.