When you are growing up in an Indian household, you certainly remember this member of your family who has been there since time immemorial. Of course, having a plant of Tulsi in your courtyard or even a pot planted in your balcony is something that you have always witnessed. But have you ever wondered, why of all plants, Tulsi has been chosen to be that one tree that has to be there? That’s certainly because it is none of those ordinary plants. Let’s know how.

Tulsi As Your Immunity Booster

Even the slightest of influenza invites a boost up of your immunity and nothing better than Tulsi can do it for you. Having a few leaves of this plant brewed up in your tea with other herbs like ginger and lemongrass can actually help your recovery in a jiffy. Its anti-inflammatory properties not only help in promoting the production of white cells but also attack the microbial attack on your body. So the next time your mother insists on a Tulsi tea, just say yes to your best friend. 

Tulsi As Your Sanitizing Tool

As you already know how Tulsi is your best shot at improving on internal health, have you ever wondered whether it can also be used as an external agent to help your surroundings better? Adding a few leaves or essence of Tulsi in your regular laundry can sanitize your clothes with just a wash. You can also infuse the same in your handwash or use your skincare products infused with the same.

Tulsi As Your Therapeutic Oil

Not many people know that Tulsi can also be used in its essential oil form and can help transform your surroundings in a therapeutic atmosphere. Simply adding a few drops of Tulsi essential oil in your diffuser can bring about a positive change and instantly relax your mood in an instant. You can also mix it in your daily skincare products and help your skin soothe by fighting skin conditions like acne.