Curating your perfect skincare regime and not have a tinge of neem in it? It’s fairly impossible to do that as neem is, and has always been the best BFF you can ever get for your skin due to its antibacterial properties. And before you wonder why, let’s get started on the ayurvedic aspects of skincare with neem. 

Your Skin Care Needs Some Neem

For centuries, neem has been used in the daily skincare practices due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s effective anti-microbial properties keep your skin away from any fungal or bacterial infections and also help you heal from the daily acne cysts that you may be prone to. You can either apply it as a paste of its leaves on your skin or can use products that have its extracts to help your skin protect itself from unwanted breakouts. 

Neem As Your Blood Purifier

Apart from the external usages, neem also acts as a great agent to purify your body internally. Including a fair amount of juice of neem on a daily basis can purify your blood and help you stay healthy with guaranteed protection against any seasonal infections. Be it a viral influenza or minor skin infection owing to fungus and bacterial exposure, neem is the way to go all about it. 

Boosting Up Your Immunity With Some Leaves

Extracts of neem are known to boost your immunity in the long run of events as it boosts the anamnestic response of your body and guards it well from usual germ attacks.