Coronavirus has badly affected and has significantly knocked down our daily life. Its impacts on a human being are extensive and have far-reaching consequences. These are not only health-related but are multifarious:

 1) Health Impacts

• Challenges in the timely diagnosis

• Adequate quarantine of the suspected individuals

• Treatment of confirmed cases

• Extra burden on the existing medical system

• Neglect of other health-related problems

• Higher risk and overload on doctors and other healthcare professionals

 2) Economic impacts

• The decreased income of most individuals 

• Increased expenses to protect individuals and for the treatment 

• Increasing debt 

• Poor return on the investments (crash of stock markets etc.)

 • Disruption  in the supply chains of the products

 3) Social impacts

• High level of mental stress

• Cancellation or postponement of  large-scale sports and tournaments

• Avoiding national and international travel 

• Social distancing with the family members, friends, and colleagues 

• Closure of restaurants, entertainment places like cinemas, gymnasiums, sports clubs, swimming pools, etc. 

• Postponement of examinations