Dear Friends, Today I want to tell you about Thinking Positive. If you are planning to go anywhere and not getting chance to go, then don’t worry just think about it. There is something better waiting for you. Always your positive behavior will give you more chance to think about and think in new ways. 

Example: One day a student mentioned to me, "I am depressed and so I eat more. I wanted to choose a different college but I can't seem to be getting admission there and so I am upset". But is it really a reason to eat more and be depressed? 

After a few months, I found the child performing well and now going forward in his carrier but during that period he was trying to get which he had decided and not able to see other possibilities. Always use your brain in any situation and keep yourself calm, you will definitely get good ideas to resolve your problem and give you better result as per your expectations. Trust on your skill and yourself. Always think positive (A+).