Must write 'SLP sanjay Kumar Video' while Googling to know about the author of this article work (before and after speech therapy videos). 

Also watch this you tube channel playlists to understand the work of a Speech Language Pathologist and his before and and after treatment videos, (Stammering, Puberphonia, Vocal Cord Paralysis, Functional Aphonia, Spasmodic Dysphonia, Phonatory Gap, Misarticulation) : 1.  3. 4.

 Following are the some more  relevant information.

1.After taking speech therapy from a professional Speech Therapist/Speech Language Pathologist you will be able to manage the problem of stammering. 

Must watch these video to know how and expert in Speech Pathology (certified Speech Pathologist/Speech therapist/Speech Language Pathologist)  changes the life of people having Speech disorders  including stammering:

2.There is no 100% cure for stammering, although few healthcare quacks   are making such false claim. Speech therapy result may vary with the type of problem, severity of problem and age of the person. There are some examples of relapse also after speech therapy. A Significant change has been seen among about 80% population after speech therapy. 

3.The treatment cost and duration vary upon the type of problem, the severity of problem the age of the person and the no of Speech Therapy sessions.  

4.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any drug for the treatment of stuttering. However, some drugs that are approved to treat other health problems—such as epilepsy, anxiety, or depression—have been used to treat stuttering. These drugs often have side effects that make them difficult to use over a long period of time. In a recent study funded  NIDCD researchers concluded that drug therapy has been largely ineffective in controlling stuttering.Clinical trials of other possible drug treatments are currently underway.(reference: )

5.Treatment by Speech therapy is a kind of training  that involves how to breathe, how to make soft contact among articulators and better coordinate your muscles which are involved in speech production and generalization of techniques from clinical situation to outside world.  

6. In India bachelor degree holders in Speech and Hearing are also eligible to work as Speech Language Pathologist/ Speech therapist/Audiologist, but in countries like US minimum requirement is master degree.  

7.Many time innocent people reach to quacks (usually these quacks say they are an Ex stammerer and they left their x//Y/z profession. They cured themselves with certain technique and started stammering therapy/cure/care/relief etc. center ) and people  think they consulted speech therapist . These quacks will not hesitate to write Speech Therapist/Speech pathologist/Speech Hearing Specialist with their name or Business name.  

8.Who are the speech language pathologist /Speech therapist?These are the professionals trained for the assessment and treatment of different kinds of Speech and Hearing disorders. They should have the following qualification to work in India:B.Sc. (Hons ) Speech and Hearing/B.Sc. Speech and Hearing/Bachelor in Audiology and speech language Pathology(BASLP)M.Sc. Speech Language Pathology/M.Sc. Speech and Hearing/MASLP Certified by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) Also See to understand qualification of Speech Language Pathologist/Speech Therapist in India: a.


9.There is no 100% cure for stammering (Some Indian quakes take 100% guarantee to cure stammering and they fool some innocent people).Scientific research published by American Speech Language Hearing Association based on more than 100 studies on adults who stutter concluded that significantimprovement typically occurs as a result of treatment/Speech therapy in 60 to 80% of cases. You can find the original article by putting "treatment efficacy stuttering" in google search also.

10. When Hrithik decided that he had to overcome his stammering,he joined speech therapy classes. Ref:  

11.Speech therapy is not extremely expensive. Those who were behind this article (Published in April 2008) must be having hidden agenda(spoiling certified professionals name / Speech Pathology profession, and promoting their business   what I feel) : 

12. Practo is doing good job in filtering these quacks and putting the profile of certified healthcare professional’s only. 

13. A lesson for those who after leaving their own profession  want to become healthcare quack including fake Audiologist and Speech Pathologist must read:

14.  Hrithik (Hindi movie Actor) says about speech therapist:  Hrithik's speech therapist is one of his super teacher. Ref: